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Strength, safety and sharp style.

Ensure the safety and security of your outdoor space with Aura™ Railing, available in three beautiful colours.

Available in two styles.

Depending on your project, Aura™ Railing would be needed to ensure the safety and security of your outdoor space. Aura™ offers both hand railing and stair railing kits, complete with all the necessary pieces and attachments.

Get A Grip
Get a grip

Kits are available for both traditional handrails and stair rails.

Seriously Strong
Seriously strong

Reinforced with a top and bottom metal channel for added strength and stability.

Convenient Sizing
Convenient sizing

Available in 6′ sections, with hand rails installing at 42″ and stair rails at 36″ heights.

Complete The Look
Complete the look

Post Sleeve Kits include a decorative post cap and skirt to finish the base of the post.

Aura railing
Aura railing

Available in Cedar, Chestnut and Grey.

Railing Kit Components

Enhance the beauty of your deck, while providing a safe environment. Aura™ post sleeve kits are available to conceal existing lumber posts that the railings should be connected to. Railing and Post Sleeve kits are available in 3 colours to match your decking surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Aura™ handrail kit is installed at 42″ in height.

The Aura™ stair rail kit is installed at 36″ in height.

Aura™ railing kits are sold in 6′ sections.

Post sleeves are made 48″ in height and fit over a 4×4 lumber post.

Yes, you can customize your railing system with different balusters. Just make sure to order the blank railing kit, instead of the kit that is made specifically for the Aura™ square balusters.

  • Top and bottom metal channels
  • Top and bottom Aura™ rails
  • 14 balusters
  • Hardware kit
  • Post sleeve
  • Post cap, base and collar

Care & maintenance

Aura™ products are made to perform against the natural elements outdoors and weather beautifully over the years. No staining, sanding or painting required.

A simple spray from your garden hose will remove loose dirt and debris from your deck. A wash with warm water and mild dish soap once in a while will keep your deck looking great. Use a squeegee to remove excess water to reduce the chance of water marks, especially where hard water is an issue. Please do not use any kind of solvent on Aura™ decking. **NOTE: Petroleum based products should not be used on Aura™ decking material.**

Yes, Aura™ readily accepts acrylic paint. However, due to the incredible appearance and characteristics of the product, paint is not required. Do not use oil based stains due to the nature of thermoplastic material. **Please note that should you choose to paint your Aura™ deck, your warranty will become null and void**

Surface scratches will disappear as your deck weathers to a matte finish in the first year. If you should encounter a deep scratch you can do the following: Minor scratches and abrasions can be repaired by gently rubbing the affected area with fine steel wool, then buffing with a bit of WD-40 on a clean cloth. Heavier scratches may be filled using a common furniture scratch repair pencil that closely resembles your Aura™ Decking colour. Examples include ‘Paint Pal Putty Pencil’ and ‘Minwax – Blend-Fil’ pencil. Please practice these techniques on an Aura™ sample before attempting repairs on your finished product. **Please note that this tactic can minimize the look of the scratch but it will not remove the scratch entirely.

Aura™ is a closed-cell product and does not absorb moisture. If anything spills on your deck and is wiped up right away it will not stain. The use of a mat under your grill is a good idea. Please do not use a rubber backed mat; rather use one that has an acrylic backing or a natural fiber backing. When using a grill on your Aura™ deck please allow at least 1’ spacing between your open lid and your Aura™ railing.

Aura™ does not recommend using a power washer on our decking, because the force of the power washer may damage the decking itself. Should you decide to use a power washer, use the absolute lowest possible setting and maintain consistent movement at all times. **Damage caused by a power washer will not be covered under warranty**

Yes you can. Ice melter and salt will not damage the material. However please be aware that it can scratch the material if you drag the crystals under a heavy object on the surface of the decking.

Build the perfect outdoor experience.

Virtually maintenance-free, you’ll never need to stain, paint or sand your Aura™ Decking.

The Aura™ difference.

Engineered to endure.

An outdoor space should be as durable as it is beautiful — which is why all of our products are backed with a 20-year limited warranty.

Innovation inspired by nature.

Designed and inspired by the beauty of real wood, our products feature deep wood grain embossing for texture and colour variation.