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Over 35 years of expertise matters

Aura™ is manufactured by Gracious Living Innovations (GLI), a North American based custom profile extrusion company recognized as an international leader in thermoplastics profile design, engineering, processing and value-added manufacturing.

GLI has a history of helping our customers discover unique and innovative possibilities in plastic extrusion. We have over 35 years of experience in many markets where original design, custom engineering and value-added processing is key. Our capabilities in custom plastic profile extrusion include the simple and complex, decorative and functional, working with a variety of thermoplastics.

GLI’s expertise in cellular extrusion has led to the development of our revolutionary wood replacement product. This proprietary technology, made from a highly engineered polymer, serves a variety of outdoor product markets where weather resistance, colour endurance and chemical resistance eliminate the need for seasonal maintenance.

GLI’s manufacturing facility located in Ontario, Canada is ISO 9001/2015 Certified ensuring the highest standard of quality.

A commitment to environmental responsibility

At Gracious Living Innovations (GLI), we are committed to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer, customer, vendor, neighbour and employer. We grow our business and our customers businesses through environmentally sustainable technologies and practices.

GLI’s Green Vision is to design and manage our products and operations using accepted standards and protocols in order to reduce our ecological footprint. We also protect and conserve resources by striving for energy savings through superior design and efficient manufacturing techniques. Finally, GLI challenges our employees and our suppliers to strive towards creating a greener workplace and environment.

The Aura™ advantage

Since its creation in 1995, Gracious Living Innovations’ Aura™ material has been used in many different industries, including the spa, window covering and outdoor furniture. Aura™ continues to lead in performance and colour stability as a wood and composite replacement.

Innovative and versatile Aura™ material was one of the first of its kind offering the real look and feel of wood without the maintenance.

Aura™ performance

More admiration, less maintenance.

Regular outdoor wood products require years of sanding, staining, weather-proofing and repair to maintain their look and function. Aura™ gives you lasting beauty without the continuous cost or time commitment of maintenance. All it takes to clean is soap, water and a quick spray from a garden hose.

Outdoor style engineered to last.

Aura™ is virtually impervious to UV, insects and water making it resistant to mold, mildew, rot and termites.

Aura™ vs. composites

Outdoor style engineered to last.

Since Aura™ does not absorb water, it will not split, crack or warp. Aura™ can be used in a number of different applications and is easy to work with using normal woodworking tools.

Strength, safety and sharp style.

Aura™ provides excellent traction, wet or dry. Our decking is approved in both Canada and the US for residential use under building code certification bodies. For more information, view our US ICC-ES Evaluation Report or our Canadian CCMC Evaluation Report.

Wood-like colour with a green side.

Aura™ material is recyclable. Our manufacturing facilities produce zero emissions and we reuse water and all excess material from the manufacturing process, resulting in virtually no waste.

The Aura™ difference.

Engineered to endure.

An outdoor space should be as durable as it is beautiful — which is why all of our products are backed with a 20-year limited warranty.

Innovation inspired by nature.

Designed and inspired by the beauty of real wood, our products feature deep wood grain embossing for texture and colour variation.